Tourism Offices

What can we do for a Touristic Region, Municipality or Tourism Office (TDM / NTO / DMO)?

Brand Awareness

Increase awareness on the Romanian travel market both towards the end-consumers, through media apparitions and special projects, and towards tour operators and travel agencies, through representing the destination at different tourism events and creating new business contacts

Classic Public Relations

Maintain an excellent relationship with written, TV and online Romanian media; Have a dedicated contact person for media inquiries; Send press releases to media & bloggers; Facilitate media apparitions, interviews and publishing of positive articles about the destination;

Social and Digital Media

Create a website and/or blog dedicated to Romanian tourists; Conceive and administrate a Facebook page in Romanian, dedicated to the Romanian public; Translate the region’s website in Romanian;

Custom Projects

Organize contests on radio, TV shows, on websites, blogs or in the written media to promote the touristic region; Intermediate business contacts with Romanian travel agencies and tour-operators; Intermediate contracts with Romanian music & TV stars (filming a video or TV & radio show, visiting the designated destination and promote it on the social media channels, live broadcasting of TV and radio shows, etc); Promo baskets;


Organize press conferences; Organize presentation trips or meetings with Romanian tour-operators;

Info Trips

Organize press trips with journalists and bloggers;